Art of Tea –
Padme Tea Garden

Amidst the bustling life’s grand spree,
We sit down with tea so free,
Borrowing grace from water and fire’s role,
We nourish our body and elevate our soul.

Every journey begins with steps, and so do the lotus flowers. Some bloom in pristine white, modest and elegant. Others display vibrant colors as they rise from the water’s surface. Some wait, patiently, for the right month and day to stretch towards the sky, while others remain nestled in the deep mud as buds.

Like a lotus, tea awaits the grace from water and fire to reach its full bloom, devoting its purpose.

Same with human life, we go through various experiences; ups and downs, prosperity and adversity, happiness and suffering, fame and power, worldly concerns, and through all of this, we realise and reflect.

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