Essense of Seven Gardens
Buddha Garden

Situated at the temple grounds

Every morning, as you wake up and open the
doors here, it serves as a reminder for a fresh
start, commencing “the Art of Mindful Living”

Avalokite Garden

Situated at GuanYin Library

”If you ‘see’ the sound and light,
enlightenment no longer seems
difficult !” Hearing is one thing, but
truly comprehending is profoundly
deep. “Have I ever truly listened to
myself? Listened to my breath, listened
to my thoughts, listened to my own
life?” Only by listening to ourselves can
we truly empathize with our fathers,
our mothers, our loved ones!

The Avalokite Garden reminds us
of such simple things, gradually
illuminating life with liveliness.

Bamboo Grove Garden

symbolizes the noble character
of a Wise Person – composed,
sincere, compassionate, and interesting if
anyone could contemplate this

‘Padme’ Tea Garden

“Gather together and enjoy the tea ceremony
Raise heaven and earth in flower buds
Breathing and tea two or three times
Peace blooms with spring buds…”

Reunion, convergence, gathering… so many beautiful moments come and go in one’s life. It’s so happy to step in and out, the scent of tea and the fragrance of the mind radiating, freedom and leisure.

‘Om-Ah-Hum’ Bell Garden

is the symbol of sound, 
OM is the sound of the Body, 
AH is the sound of the Speech, 
HUM is the sound of the Mind.

The Maha Mangala Great Bell is a special spiritual masterpiece, 108 kg in weight –  108 cm in height, designed by Master Thien Tue and crafted by artisans Duong Nhut and Duong Ngoc Tien in the bronze casting village of Phuoc Kieu, Quang Nam in the year of Tan Mao – Year of the Cat, 2011. The sun – the bodhi leaf – four chants for bell ringing – the Auspicious Eight Lucky Symbols meticulously and gracefully carved.

Sunrise Garden

Where the sun is on the vast sea with white sand
slopes, blending into the land and sky. The door
of purity, the door of creation, of freedom. Every
time I admire this scene of harmony, I exclaim,
“How beautiful this life is”!

Stepping on the sand, sitting quietly in the
morning breeze, listening to the breath of the
sea, listening to the breath of consciousness.
It would be interesting if anyone could
contemplate this moment!

Bodhi Garden

Symbol of stability, May!
Steadfast when there is a path to go
Listen to yourself, listen to people, listen to the time, and
listen to the situation
The temperament of a gentleman
Big sound
Everything molds the “Bodhi Heart”, the heart that is
unwavering, the heart that does not change, the heart that
turns towards the light, the light of love, of understanding,
sympathy, understanding, kindness that comes first. ,
comes later.