is the art of living! 

Maha Mangala is a land for ‘homecoming’, for those who appreciate life, ‘bringing our mind back in touch’ with nature, authenticity, one’s true self – genuine, familiar and simple.

The endless inspiration from the ancient sutta  ‘Maha Mangala’ – The Discourse on Great Blessings, as an education foundation towards nurturing energy and a holistic lifestyle.

A “seed of peace” everyday – gift a seed for yourself, gift a seed for others. With your palms together in a welcoming greeting gesture, sharing with each other a smile, a friendly gaze, words of encouragement, admiration, sincere advice; living genuinely, closely, and simply. 

Maha Mangala aspires to contribute this “seed of peace” to all beings, wishing for peace to flourish everywhere on this beautiful Earth!

Maha Mangala Legacy 

The stream of ‘Maha Mangala’ dharma, alive for 2600 years through Buddha’s enlightenment, is a heritage, a path – a boundless path. For it is the life within the realm of the Dharma, within this universe, within this world, within you, within me. It is the life of sentient beings, of all species, like trees, like grass, like the flowing streams of water carrying life everywhere.

MAHA signifies ‘Greatness’
MANGALA signifies ‘Blessings’ – the energy flow of life.

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The Art of Peaceful Living

At Maha Mangala, your journey is beyond nurturing your soul and body but also about discovering the essence of daily practice. Join us on a quest to uncover the true values of serene living.

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Nourishing Our Energy Together

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