Mani Dining House

Wholesome Plant Based Dining – for body and mind, by the turquoise coast of Central Vietnam

As an ancient saying goes, “Learn to eat, learn to speak, learn to wrap, learn to unwrap.” To eat to be full, to enjoy is already a fortune, but to ‘return to oneself’ and eat in gratitude is a fortunate blessing of a human life.

Having a meal with gratitude for Heaven, Earth, and the Universe; for our Parents, Teachers, and Friends; and to appreciate the presence of life today, what could be more meaningful!

Having a meal that allows us to “return,” to nature, to our inner home of consciousness, to connect with our roots, to perceive both the past and future, and to truly experience the present moment is true “wealth” – a moment of awakening inner wisdom.

Love yourself more to know how to love others better –  what harms our own life, we no longer do; what harms others, we no longer think, say, or act; no longer “chew while talking hastily and clumsily” but instead, we now know how to ‘return’ to nurture the ‘seeds of joy’, away from the seeds of resentment and pettiness. To have a meal that ‘upholds life in the love of our hands’  is indeed wondrous! To have a mindful meal that can connect with Ancestors, with the Universe, with natural creation – is ‘a  wonder and a miracle’. Experience to understand, to see and to feel. 

Mani Dining House is devoted to the present moment, to today’s life! 

Opening Hours : 7am – 10pm 

[Breakfast 7am – 10.30pm]

At Mani, our chefs draw inspiration from worldwide cuisines, adding the flavors of Vietnam and the abundant local organic produce.

Nourishment begins with thoughtfully selected, minimally processed, plant-based ingredients; creatively prepared to retain the original nutrients.

Let this be a reminder that delicious and nutritious food can coexist in perfect harmony!

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