Gratitude Of Livelihood


“Life is like an eternal river, constantly flowing. And amidst the concerns in this river of life, there is still a place for us to return…

After listening to many people’s life stories, Maha Mangala and Thien Nhan Hospital together introduce “Health Retreat – Gratitude of livelihood.” It is a combined journey of nurturing the soul and taking care of physical health. Allow yourself to rest and understand the depths of your soul.

“Gratitude of livelihood” is not just a place to sow the seeds of inner peace but also a place for you to appreciate your health after a period swept away in the flow of life. With 3 days and 2 nights at the resort space of Maha Mangala – the land for ‘homecoming’, you will return to your original state with moments of peace, soothing, and healing.


  • Living Spaces: open space with nature, harmonizing with every breath of the earth and sky, giving you a sense of letting go of worries, allowing your tired body to relax in a tranquil place, taking deep and slow breaths.
  • Mani Dining House: Nourishing body and soul through the selection of ingredients and preparation methods to preserve nutrients.
  • Padme Tea Garden : Leave behind the burdens, sit down with tea to return to your inner soul.
  • Comprehensive health checkup and screening services from Thien Nhan Hospital.

It’s not just a vacation; “Health Retreat – Gratitude of livelihood”  is a place that opens up the journey back to tranquility and inner peace.

Take a pause,

Smile, breathe, and walk slowly,

Together, let’s return and uphold life in the love of our hands!”

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