“Homecoming” – The Season of Rebirth 2023


“Homecoming” welcomes the NEW YEAR in the ‘Season of Rebirth.’

The days of transition between the old and the new year serve as a reminder that ‘it’s time to ‘return.’ Return to nature, to the inner home, to roots, to the origins, return to the nourishment of energy, close and simple like the sun, experiencing the morning dewdrops, like the warmth of Mother Earth cradling life, the vast and peaceful plains of the prairie… It’s  a new Season – the Season of Rebirth.

Four seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter now have an additional season, the “Season of Rebirth”!

The New Year’s Dharma gift in the “Season of Rebirth” begins from 4:00 PM on December 21 to December 24, 2023, at Maha Mangala Zen Garden, Da Nang.

The program is dedicated to Founders, Business/Economic Investors, and Educators with faith.


Maha Mangala – Together, let’s return and uphold life in the love of our hands!

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