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“Homecoming” – The Season of Rebirth 2023

NEW YEAR MESSAGE! “Homecoming” welcomes the NEW YEAR in the ‘Season of Rebirth.’ The days of transition between the old and the new year serve as a reminder that ‘it’s time to ‘return.’ Return to nature, to the inner home, to roots, to the origins, return to the nourishment of energy, close and simple like […]

Homecoming To Freedom

“Homecoming to freedom – Gratitude to the Quan Yin Bodhisattva, a gathering from the North to the South. Despite potential differences in personality and thoughts, a shared belief in a peaceful and virtuous life has brought us here together. Every step is serene and self-contained on the white sandy beach, accompanied by the presence of […]

Gratitude Of Livelihood

  “Life is like an eternal river, constantly flowing. And amidst the concerns in this river of life, there is still a place for us to return… After listening to many people’s life stories, Maha Mangala and Thien Nhan Hospital together introduce “Health Retreat – Gratitude of livelihood.” It is a combined journey of nurturing […]